A Word From The President

Delivering Quality Service  – Steven B. Chavez, President and CEO, Integrated Control Systems

The need to deliver the highest quality products and services has never been greater than in today’s highly competitive business environment. We are developing a strong quality culture through our mission of excellence in meeting the needs of our customers. This has been a key part of our growth as the premier Southwestern Regional provider of products and services to our customers.

We have an ongoing program of continued quality improvement that reaches out aggressively for change in pursuit of our goal.  The goal of excellence will only be achieved by the dedicated efforts of every employee in conjunction with supportive, participative management at virtually every level and at every office branch within our company.

I am committed to making this happen in each and every case.

I’d like to share with you just a brief glimpse of our quality concepts. We set an expectation of never ending improvement in the way our company meets our customer’s needs every day. We will continually learn from our customers allowing us to always deliver world-class service.

Our quality philosophy looks at jobs people are performing both individually and as a team. Each job has three key elements.

  1. Input
  2. Work Performance
  3. Performance Results.

Our quality approach will help us examine and continually improve upon each of these elements.

As Integrated Control Systems continues to grow, I am confident that the processes we have in place now will insure that we continue to provide excellence in meeting our customers building management and service needs. As we move toward the future together, we will ensure quality is the only way of life at Integrated Control Systems. ICS will be the force that allows us to achieve our mission of providing excellence against all other standards of customer satisfaction.